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Ann Hart

Chatham Door
Size: 9" x 9"     
Framed size: 16" x 16"

Ann Hart

What Shark!
Size: 10.5" x 14.5"     
Framed size: 18" x 22"

Ann Hart

Good Dog
Size: 13" x 13"     
Framed size: 21" x 21"

Ann Hart

Last Leg, Newport
Size: 7.5" x 20"     
Framed size: 16" x 28"

Ann Hart

Elegant Orchid
Size: 6.5" x 14"     
Framed size: 13" x 21"

Ann Hart

Lines & Links
Size: 14" x 14"     
Framed size: 22" x 22"


“An artist's journey.......

My migration to Cape Cod in 1976, after graduation from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Early Childhood Ed, led me to a life in the arts. Working at Soft Antiques, helping to produce Sharyn Prentiss-Laughton’s line of home accessories made from vintage fabrics, started me indirectly on the way to 10 years as a potter, traveling to wholesale and retail shows, filling orders and shipping work all over the country. I was a partner in Peacock’s Pride Art Gallery in Orleans when the painters involved there expanded the group to include crafts as well as paintings. When economic reality required my getting a ‘real’ job, I worked for the next 13 years at Orleans Camera, acquiring photographic and computer skills as the digital age arrived. All that time, no matter what I was doing, the thread of painting was never lost.

In 2001, my husband David Dennis and I bought a sea captain’s house in South Dennis, and so began The Shady Hollow Inn, a vegetarian B&B that we started and operated while we restored the historic property. There were many  creative opportunities as an innkeeper/interior designer/chef. I was able to take advantage of the seasonal nature of the hospitality business to get serious about painting and dedicate myself to becoming a better watercolorist. The inn became a gallery as I hung my work in every room and sold cards and prints to our guests, many of whom purchased original paintings as well.

Now, our inn-keeping life has drawn to a close, and at long last  painting  can take top priority (except for being a carpenter’s helper as David and I build a house — with a studio!!). I have been exhibiting in local shows for the last two years with considerable success and am grateful for the chance I have to do what I love — to paint, paint, and paint some more! I look forward to taking more workshops with talented and giving artists and expanding my field of participation in exhibits and competition. Unleashed Joy, has been chosen for publication as an addition to the fine art card line of the Bayview Press, a happy development as I explore the possibilities for my work.”


  • Honorable Mention, Cape Cod Art Assoc. (CCAC) Member’s Show, February 2011 (“Three’s a Crowd”, watercolor)
  • First Place, Creative Arts Center (CAC), All Cape Show, June 2010 (“Golden in the Snow”, watercolor)
  • First Place, CAC Member’s Show, April 2010 (“Spring Light”, watercolor)
  • Second Place, Cape Cod Art Assoc. (CCAC), Member’s Show, February 2010 (“Storm Cloudsî, watercolor)
  • Honorable Mention, CCAC, Member’s Show, January 2010 (“Courtship”, watercolor)
  • First Place, CCAC, Member’s Show, August 2009 (“Bouquet”, watercolor)
  • Honorable Mention, CCAC, Member’s Show, July 2009 (“Salt & Pepper”, mixed media)
  • First Place, CCAC, All Cape Show, May 2009 (“Unleashed Joy”, watercolor)
  • Second Place, CAC, Member’s Show, February 2009 (“End of the Road”, watercolor)
  • First Place, CAC, Member’s Show, October 2008 (“Snow Flicker”, watercolor)
  • First Place, CAC, All Cape Cod Juried Show, June 2008 (“Low Tide”, watercolor)
  • Best in Show, CCAC, All Cape Juried Show, April 2008 (“Low Tide”, watercolor)
  • Honorable Mention, CCAC, All Cape Juried Show, April 2008 (“Chatham Porch”, watercolor)
  • Honorable Mention, CAC, Member’s Show, March 2008 (“Sugaring”, watercolor)

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